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Get published in the next issue of the Pictures Magazin!

Manuel Becker Manuel Becker in Cooperation
26.10.2016 · 1 min read

Show us your favorite colorful photos from all over the world by creating a new spot or by just adding a photo to an existing spot with the theme "colorful" (for example colorful buildings or mountains and not just colorful sunsets/photos, because that's nothing that applies to one specific spot) until 02.11. and get the chance to get published in the next issue of the Pictures Magazin with over 30.000 readers.

We also negotiated a special offer for you guys: 3 issues of the Pictures for only 10€ (shipping and taxes already included). Click here for more details on this very special offer!

The topic of the last issue were libraries and we want to congratulate the following photographers for their published photos: Hannah Hölterhoff, Melanie "Fototante" John, Tim Liss, Antoni Figueras and Frank Diedrich.

All of them receive a printed version of the magazine and we already have a little preview about how it will look like:

Get published in the next issue of the Pictures Magazin!

Get published in the next issue of the Pictures Magazin!

Thank you for participating and good luck for being a part of the next issue!
Manuel & the Locationscout-Team

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