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Cooperation partners

We love to work together with other great companies and photographers all around the world to provide an even better value to the platform and our users. We are very open-minded for new partnerships and ideas, so feel free to contact us!

Pictures Magazin

Pictures Magazin is a great print magazine from Germany for photographers with over 30.000 readers each issue. Their magazine with about 130 pages is released 10 times a year with lots of workshops, tips and background information for beginning and advanced photographers.

Your benefit

We are publishing your uploaded spots in the printed magazine with some details about you, your work and of course your website to increase the audience your beautiful photos are shown to. Just add your spots to Locationscout and the team from the Pictures Magazin will contact you as soon as you photos could fit into the next issue. We will never print or use any photos from you without asking for your permission first, so you don't have to get published if you don't want to!


Where are the most amazing places for photography? Locationscout is a network of passionate photographers and travellers around the world, discovering it together.

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