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Lago di Limides Italy

Lago Limides is a beautiful little lake in the Dolomites. It's really a gem within a gorgeous landscape at Passo di Falzerego.
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Travel information

You can park (for free) at Rifugio Col Gallina. From there you have to take a short but tough hike up the mountain.

There are two ways:
1. The way that goes up behind Rifugio Col Gallina. But this path is very steep.
2. A walking track though the forest that I recommend: From the parking place go south towards the forest, there are signs to Lago Limides. I highly recommend Hiking Poles.

Walking time for both ways are around 20-30 minutes.
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Just a few people

Sunset during fall

06:52 19:21
46°30'42.5033" N 12°1'22.3281" E

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