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Val d´Orcia - Tuscany Italy

The Val d'Orcia is especially in the spring one of the most beautiful regions in Tuscany. A lush green covers the whole country, a photographer's paradise.
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Travel information

The Val d’Orcia, is a region of Tuscany Italy, which extends from the hills south of Siena to Monte Amiata. The Val d'Orcia is surrounded by historic towns such as Castiglione d'Orcia, Montalcino, Pienza, Radicofani and San Quirico d'Orcia.
Near San Quirico d'Orcia you will find the famous cypress forest
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07:37 16:39
43°3'34.947" N 11°36'13.6588" E

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Spot comments (7)

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Roads Untraveled
Roads Untraveled 10.10.2019 , edited
This is Montepulciano. The location is approximately 43.076425, 11.785402 near Fattoria Pulcino Ristorante. I was there last month.
Zoltan Pacsi
Zoltan Pacsi 03.10.2019
Abbazia di Sant'Antimo is at least half an hour's drive from San Quirico!
Michele Naro
Michele Naro 29.09.2019
Location is wrong
Murali Narayanan
Murali Narayanan 02.01.2019
Location incorrect
paul ng
paul ng 19.09.2018
If you really don't want to give out the location, don't give the false info.
Luis Cordoba
Luis Cordoba 05.07.2018
Your spot location are not relative to the picture, all your locations are in San Quirico de Orcia, Do not lost time looking at this profile, not specific locations.
Arnold Sim
Arnold Sim 19.10.2017
I don't think you're using Location Scout correctly. You have many photos which are not from your POS.
Thank you Torsten Muehlbacher for creating this photo spot and Michelle Caylor for improving it with additional photos or content.

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