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Vatican museum spiral staircase Italy

Beautiful spiral staircase inside the Vatican museum
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A decent amount of people

Sunrise & daytime

06:58 16:50
41°54'24.2873" N 12°27'13.2366" E

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Spot comments (7)

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Nicolas Hoizey
Nicolas Hoizey 11.07.2017
Good catch! I went there in May, and it was really crowded in the afternoon, I couldn't get any photo without at least 10 people on it.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 11.07.2017
Yeah and without a tripod it's nearly impossible to take multiple shots and merge them together... so it's definitely a good advice to go there early.
Nicolas Hoizey
Nicolas Hoizey 11.07.2017
Indeed. I tried to get several shots, but they are not strictly aligned, and my Photoshop skills are really not enough to fix it! ;-) And as Peter said, tripods are not allowed anyway.
Cesar Virella
Cesar Virella 11.07.2017
We went very early in the morning and despite that, it was very challenging to get this shot without anyone on it! It was hand held without tripod. I took it with 20mm lens F1.8 ISO200 1/400 sec in RAW format.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 11.07.2017
Oh, it's so dark in there? I didn't know that. Great point though to somehow take care of this.
Peter Iliev
Peter Iliev 11.07.2017
What a great place. Nowadays this is actually the exit of the museum that is used by people who want to leave and go outside. Most of the people prefer to take the route to the Basilica San Pietro, so this exit is rarely used even when the museum is crowded. Still, try to get there as early as possible. Tripods are not allowed, but they are also useless, because you need to lean over the railing to shoot down. Wait for clouds to cover the sun so the light becomes softer and go for it. On the website of the museum they say that tripods and photography stands should be locked in a special place and wait for the owner to come back when they are returned, but I went inside with my tripod and nobody stopped me. I took my tripod inside, but did not end up using it as mentioned above.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 11.07.2017
Great details! I've been there a few years ago, but I was too late and the entrace time to the museum was already over and it was pretty early, so this is something you should concider too, but I guess the best advice is to visit it as early as possible and start with the exit ;-)

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