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Chiara Salvadori
Chiara Salvadori

It’s hard to tell about myself, but if I had to describe myself with a single word, I’d identify as an explorer, and not only in the geographical sense of the term. Indeed I do love traveling. The travel is, to me, first of all an experience which feeds my mind, a cultural baggage made of ideas and images which shape and complete my profession. But I am also an explorer of everything around me. I try to observe reality with different eyes and to document its essence through not only the power of words, but most importantly the power of images. And reality isn’t only made of far and wonderful places, but also of people and stories, whether they be small or grand. Graduate in cinema and audiovisual and multimedia representation, I have always worked in the fields of video, documentary and photography, as director, author, cinematographer, editor and photographer. It’s what I love doing, and what I always try to do to the best of my abilities, because "when looking through the viewfinder the photographer steps out of himself and becomes a part of the other side, of the world; he is therefore able to comprehend, see, feel and love better". Cit. Wim Wenders


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Reputation 2551
Views 14.036
Locationscout since 15.06.2015
Gender female
City Turin
Country Italy
Website www.chiarasalvadori.com
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