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Tunnel Of Love Romania

"Tunnel of Love"- 'Tunelul Dragostei'
Caras-Severin, Romania
The Romanian version of the "Tunnel of Love" is located near Caransebes, Banat, Romania(between Obreja & Glimboca) It is a natural tunnel, formed by the trees that grow on both sides of the railway track.
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Travel information

The tracks are only a few hundred feet from Highway 68 directly between the small villages Obreja & Glimboca. You'll find a narrow dirt road South of the main road that will take you to the Tunnel of Love.
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07:58 16:47
45°28'55.3953" N 22°16'56.9409" E

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Spot comments (6)

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Tatyana Tregubova
Tatyana Tregubova 21.08.2019
In Ukraine there is the same place in Klevan, Rivne region.
Nuno Ferreira
Nuno Ferreira 15.06.2019
I went to this place, found the railway but it’s impossible to enter from both sides - because of the wild vegetation. Asked local people and they say it doesn’t exist anymore. When did you take this pictures ? Thanks
Ron Azevedo
Ron Azevedo 16.06.2019
That's interesting...I was there in 2015. Between Glimboca & Obreja was a dirt road/path that led me to a spot next to the tracks, right in the middle of the tunnel. The difficulty was finding the dirt road as it was overgrown & barely visible.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 10.12.2016
Awesome, thanks for sharing this really nice spot! I was hoping that somebody would upload it, because I've seen quite a few photos from this place.
Ron Azevedo
Ron Azevedo 14.12.2016
You're welcome, Manuel! We enjoyed walking up & down the tracks both directions & getting many photos of the tunnel. Our stop here was conveniently on the way to the beautiful Corvin Castle and down to the most unique Bigar Waterfall. Will upload those soon!
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 14.12.2016
Sounds awesome, I am curious about those places! :)

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Thank you Ron Azevedo for creating this photo spot.

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