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Site policy

§ 1 Scope

For the use of the website www.locationscout.net of Locationscout.net (including the associated domains like www.location-scout.net etc.) (hereinafter termed as "provider") apply the following conditions. The use of the website is only permitted if you agree to these terms of use.

§ 2 Sign up, conclusion of contract

  1. The registration via the online form is a prerequisite for the use of the website. The user is obliged to fill in all given fields in the registration form correctly and truthfully. After signing up via the online form on the website, you get a verification e-mail, with which you can confirm your registration by clicking on the link. With the activation of your account a gratuitous license agreement is created. Multiple registrations are generally not allowed.
  2. Contract is the free use of the website features. For this purpose, we will provice you an "account", which allows you to use all functions of the website.
  3. There is basically no legal claim to activation or participation on the website. It is the full householder's rights of the provider.
  4. Your account may be used only by you and you as the owner of the account are responsible for the protection against its misuse. Therefore, you have to protect your data from unauthorized access. The use of trademarked words and internet addresses as your username (nickname) is not allowed.
  5. The provider strives to offer the website as interruption-free as possible. With all diligence downtime can not be excluded, in which the web server due to maintenance or technical / other problems that are not within the control of the provider (force majeure, third party, attacks against the infrastructure by hackers etc.) on the internet is not available. The user acknowledges that a completely uninterrupted availability of the website is technically not feasible.
  6. The provider reserves the right to develop and adapt the structure and content of the website and the associated user interfaces, if this means the purpose agreed with the user is not or not significantly affected.
  7. It is among the users to ensure a peaceful and respectful treatment without insulting hostility.

§ 3 Duties of the website user

  1. You as the user agree that you will not publish posts that violate these rules, the morality or otherwise violate applicable German law. In particular, it is forbidden to you,
    • insulting to publish false, harassing, threatening, racist, violent, or offensive content;
    • illegal / criminal or pornographic content, equal to neither kind;
    • the representation of radical political / religious or illustrative world views,
    • to use law, particularly by copyright, personality, performance, trademark or other rights protected content without authorization;
    • depictions of violence and depictions of drug abuse abdomen,
    • to send spam through the system to other users;
    • practices considered as unfair competition;
    • to publish press releases of third parties without the consent of the author on the website;
    • to advertise on the site without the express written consent of the provider.
    Similarly, hyperlinks to the above content is prohibited.
    Inadmissible is also the automated retrieval of content or the use of scripts in the use of the website.
  2. You as the user agree that your posts and images before publication to check to see if this may include information that you do not want to publish. Your posts and images can be listed in search engines and thus made ​​available worldwide. Claims against the seller for cancellation or correction of such entries search engines are excluded.
  3. You as a user are responsible for ensuring that all published website contents are free of worms, viruses, trojans or other programs that may affect the continued existence and functioning of the website.
  4. You as a user are obliged by setting your content on the website to check the above terms and conditions carefully.
  5. In violation of the above rules (especially § 3 para 1 and 2), the provider, regardless of any termination, impose the following sanctions against the user:
    • deletion or modification of content that the user entered,
    • Issue a warning, or
    • blocking user access.
  6. Also, the provider is entitled to you as a user, if a reasonable suspicion that you have violated against the terms of use, to block access to the website. You have the ability of these measures to avert, by remove the doubts by documentary proof, at his own expense.
  7. If due to possible violations of law of other users or third parties take the provider to claim that a) result of the content posted by you as a user and / or b) arising from the use of the services of the provider by you as a user, you agree as a user to excuse the provider from any and all claims, including claims for damages, indemnify and the provider to reimburse the costs incurred because of the possible infringement. The provider is particularly exempted from the cost of legal defense. Also, the provider is entitled to demand an appropriate advance of you as a user for this purpose. As a user, you are also required to assist the provider in good faith with the documents and information in a legal defense against third parties. All other rights, including damage claims by the supplier shall remain unaffected. The obligations referred to before do not exist, if you do not have to represent the possible infringement.

§ 4 Transfer of rights of use

  1. The copyright for your posts and images will remain basically at you as a user if these posts and images are copyrightable. However, you as a user vacate the provider with setting a post or an image the right to permanently save the subject on its website. In addition, the provider has the right to delete your posts or images, edit, move or close them.
    Furthermore, you are aware that all of your published content is reproduced and made ​​publicly available to third parties. Thus it is also possible to retrieve and download the content posted. This third party use and acts of reproduction made ​​possible that both can not be controlled by the user and the provider.
  2. In the event of termination of the account the aforementioned rights still remain.
  3. The provider is not responsible for acts of exploitation of users of the website or any third party.

§ 5 Limitation of liability

  1. For the content placed on this website, especially for the correctness, completeness and topicality the owner of this site assumes no responsibility.
  2. For intent and gross negligence and for breach of a contractual obligation - obligations that enable the fulfillment of the proper execution of the contract in the first and on the fulfillment of the contractual partner may regularly rely - is liable to the provider. The provider is liable under the limitation on compensation for the foreseeable upon conclusion of contract-typical damage for such damages caused by a slightly negligent breach of essential contractual obligations by him or one of his legal representatives or vicarious agents. The provider is not liable for slightly negligent breach of obligations that are not essential contractual obligations. This does not affect the liability for damages that fall within the scope of a providers guarantee or warranty and liability for claims under the product liability act and damages from injury to life, body or health.

§ 6 Party-rights

There may be no vendor's software decompiled, copied or altered in any form.

§ 7 Subject to alterations

  1. The provider reserves the right to change the terms of use and privacy policy. A change will be communicated to the user.
  2. The user has the right to object to the changes. In case of an effective opposition existing between the provider and the user the contractual relationship is terminated with immediate effect.
  3. The changes are binding and considered as accepted, provided that the user has not objected to the changes.

§ 8 Duration / termination of the contract

  1. This agreement is concluded for an unlimited period of time.
  2. For both parties, there is the possibility to terminate this agreement at any time and without notice.
  3. The provider is entitled to termination of this agreement, to terminate the user's access. The provider is entitled but not obliged, in case of termination to delete content created by you as a user, but you as a user are not entitled to transfer the content you have created.

§ 9 In general

For the above terms of use and the entire legal relationship between the provider and the user the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. Place of performance is the location of the provider.

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