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Stelli See Switzerland

the most beautiful lake with a view onto the most famoust swiss mountain > the matterhorn
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Just a few people


07:46 18:42
46°0'48.8573" N 7°48'7.3" E

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Spot comments (5)

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Valerii Petrov
Valerii Petrov 19.09.2019
I am sorry, but this is just an useless picture without a travel info.
Pustefix2109 06.01.2019
Great Scenery! Is camping allowed in CH? (If only for a night) :-)
Peter Luxem
Peter Luxem 15.04.2018
Looks great, how to get there? Busy?
Reiner Boehme
Reiner Boehme 28.02.2018
Great location. The large rock on the left including its reflection steals the show.
Chris Hopkins
Chris Hopkins 10.03.2016
Awesome shot - this is one of my favourite places to visit at any time.

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