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The Natural History Museum United Kingdom

Great Victorian architecture and the museum holds a large collection of natural history. The Science museum and the V&A Museum are within a short walk. The museums are free to enter. The Natural History Museum is open late until 22.00 on the last Friday of every month so get that shot with fewer people.
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Photography tips

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Travel information

Catch the tube. The nearest Tube station is South Kensington on the District, Piccadilly and Circle lines. The station is approximately five minutes walk from the Museum.
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Lots of people


07:29 18:02
51°29'46.0916" N 0°10'34.7051" W

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Spot comments (5)

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will goodwin
will goodwin 12.11.2018
A wide angle lens around 16-40mm is best. There is no entrance fee to get into this museum. The shot is taken above the main entrance. No tripods are allowed but you might get away with a micro tripod as the shot is taken from a balcony.
Oliver Grimm
Oliver Grimm 12.11.2018
I am planning a trip to London and also to the Natural History Museum: 1) What focal length have you used? 2) Is it possible to go to the steps without paying the entrance fee? Thanks in advance Oliver
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 15.04.2015
Oh I wanted to shoot this spot sooooo badly, but there was a queue across the whole street although it wasn't raining...
will goodwin
will goodwin 15.04.2015
see my tip about late opening time, the crowd thins out completely after 21:00
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 15.04.2015
Yeah that's a great tip, already read it. Only had 2 days in London, so I hadn't the choice to use that timing. The only thing I would be missing are those sun rays I saw on many images from this spot, coming through the windows at the top, when going there this late.

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