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Manhattan, view from Empire State Building USA

One of the most amazing views in New York City. You have to buy a ticket, to get up to the platform. A good thing is the New York Pass with Fast Entrance to shorten the wait, and you can save money with it. But it has a looooong wait, sometimes about 1.5h or more. But the wait is worth it! You'll get a fantastic feeling. Don't miss it.
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Metro to 34 Street - Herald Square or 33rd Street. Than a 10mins walk.
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Lots of people

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07:12 16:29
40°44'54.0948" N 73°59'7.7521" W

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Spot comments (4)

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PhotoJoern.de 23.07.2016
Quote "And preferably no tripod, because there are too many people! " I hear this the first time. I am quite sure that you cannot bring a tripod up to Empire State Building. They have airport like security and will prevent any kind of tripod like equipment to enter the terraces. So my recommendation: make yourself comfortable with handheld shooting.
Michael Paul
Michael Paul 24.07.2016
Of course there is security, but i always have my small travel-tripod in my backpack, when i'm on tour, so there too. No problems. I don't know what you have experienced
PhotoJoern.de 25.07.2016
I had a full tripod in 2011 that they definitely would not pass through security. Not sure how to use a travel tripod up there. The web is full of reports from the last years that even a table-tripod would not go through. But hey, it might be worth a try with something maximum stealthy. A beanbag would perhaps do the trick. Worst case is that you have to let it downstairs with security in a locker and pick it up afterwards.
Michael Paul
Michael Paul 25.07.2016
Even if they would give a permission to use a tripod, i couldn't have use it due to the amount of people up there. I've been to the ESB at daytime. Maybe next time for sunset and blue hour i'll try the beanbag, could be a good thing.

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