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Brooklyn Bridge skyline, New York USA

Probably the most famous and standard spot for all photographers who are coming to New York is this one with an amazing view over the East River towards the skyline of Manhattan with Brooklyn Bridge coming from the left. It's a great place to meet other photographers and the stone steps are serving perfect as a seat for a relaxed photography session.

The best time to be there is before sunset around 11. September, because that's usually the time when the city activates these two memorial lights called "Tribute in Light". This way the standard perspective gets an additional nice detail, but you have to be early! The last time I've been there we were about 100 photographers just at this spot. Normally there is enough space for everybody, but if you want the best view, you shouldn't be late!
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Travel information

You can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge or use the subway to Brooklyn to get there with just a few additional minutes by foot.
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A decent amount of people

Sunset & blue hour/nighttime during fall

06:09 19:50
40°42'16.1039" N 73°59'25.1044" W

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Spot comments (2)

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Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar 13.11.2017
Wow...love the composition!
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 13.11.2017
Yeah, it's definitely one of the most iconic photo spots in New York for this reason and I am pretty sure that you would enjoy this place too.

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