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No matter where you are,you always know the best spots. was founded in 2014 and became one of the worlds biggest platforms for photographers and travelers, sharing all these beautiful places out there with the exact geo position, photography tips, travel information and much more. Stop missing the best photo spots on your next trip by using the official Locationscout app and finding places around you or plan your trip ahead and bookmark spots you like and want to visit in the future.

Not everybody likes planning a trip from home. Be spontaneous and find the perfect spots for your next trip on the go with our beautiful app for iOS and Android.

Around Me

Find places nearby with "Around Me" and don't miss any beautiful spots anymore while on the go. Find the best ones in a grid view or simply use the map and zoom around. Selecting a spot will not only calculate the distance and estimated travel time, but also show you a possible route on the map.

Synchronized Boards

No matter if you plan your trip on a big screen or your smartphone. All bookmarks are synced between all your devices, making it easier for you to save the spots you don't want to miss.


All this wouldn't be possible without you. We really appreciate anybody participating in Locationscout, recommending it to friends, sharing their beautiful photos, improving the content, or simply using the platform. And an even bigger thank you to every Premium subscriber, who is financially allowing us to improve and maintain the platform.

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