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Loved by travelers and photographers

I love using Locationscout for checking what's around me while traveling. It makes it easy to get a first overview of an unfamiliar place and there are so many amazing spots I would've missed if it wasn't for other photographers sharing them on the platform.
Nico Trinkhaus Premium Subscriber
The quality of the app and content is crazy for a solo developer. This app needs all the praise it can get.
Perfderd iOS App Store
Excellent App. Easy to use and provides exactly what I wanted: a map-based guide to great landscape photography locations. The creator and site manager was very helpful and responsive to my queries - a rare thing these days! - nice not to be dealing with some huge faceless company. Highly recommended.
Keith S. Android Play Store
I've been using Locationscout for quite a few years now, not only to share some of my locations with the community but also to find new inspiration and locations before leaving for a new adventure. The seamless ability to use the desktop version at home and the mobile application on the go makes this software so powerful!
Marcel Lesch Premium Subscriber
A "must have" app for every landscape and travel photographer!
Gary S. Android Play Store
I love photography and have found the most beautiful spots around the world through LocationScout. The community is amazing and you find truely hidden photo spot gems. I even found the perfect spot for proposing. Devs, please keep developing and Community, please keep being so awesome!
Alexander M. Android Play Store
Since I discovered Locationscout, it has taken my passion for photography to a whole new level. Not only is the platform intuitive and user-friendly, but it's also an invaluable resource for photographers looking for the perfect locations to shoot. With over 300 locations and images uploaded by me, I have the opportunity to share my discoveries with an enthusiastic community. I highly recommend Locationscout. It's a must for any serious photographer!
Rudolfo Dalamicio Premium Subscriber
This is the best app to find photo locations almost anywhere in the world. As an amateur photography who likes to travel with a camera, I have taken photos that I would not been able to find without this app. I have used Google maps to find cell phone shots taken by tourists. It is rare to find photo locations shared by professional photographers. Locationscout has improved its app continuously since 2018 when I first started using it. You cannot find a better photo location app.
Az S. Android Play Store
Navigation to the spot is a killer feature. In just a morning I covered almost the entire Frankfurt financial district spot to spot: priceless.
Daniele de G. iOS App Store
I can't explain how valuable this app is. I was stationed in Germany for 40 months and I use this app soo much. I planned countless road trips with this app and meant to many more places and I probably would've if I had not have had this app because of the amazing photo spots of this app showed me. The best part about it was with the premium I could just GPS straight to the location which was helpful for me being in a foreign country. 10/10 I always recommend this app to all my photography friends, and I was surprised to find that in most of the various countries if I ever met a photographer, they already knew about this app. For the developer: keep doing what you are doing. This is such an invaluable tool for all of us photographers all appreciate it more than you know.
NaturalSkater iOS App Store
For me, Locationscout has become irreplaceable. It helps me with all the planning of my tours or my vacation. You can find many new spots and also all the practical information about them. In addition, you can also exchange with other photographers who have the same hobby, and learn from each other and motivate.
David Schartner Premium Subscriber
As a landscape photographer visiting Italy for the first time, Locationscout proved to be an indispensable tool for pinpoint locating all of the iconic photo op spots in Cinque Terre and Tuscan countryside. And as an added plus, their support team is outstanding. Highly recommended!
Nikon JR iOS App Store

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