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New Logo + 2 big Updates

Manuel Becker Manuel Becker
News · 3 min read

After almost 10 years it was finally time for a professional logo and as a result of months of work, I'm pleased to finally reveal the new design, some backstory, and 2 big updates.

5-day hiking guide for the W-Trek in Torres del Paine National Park

Mathias & Annika Koch Mathias & Annika Koch
Travel · 9 min read

Discover one of the world's most beautiful hikes: the W-Trek in Torres del Paine National Park. It's located in Southern Patagonia on the Chilean side and is known for its breathtaking scenery and spectacular mountain backdrops.

The ultimate Peru Travel Guide for Photography

Maximilian Lehrke Maximilian Lehrke
Travel · 19 min read

Peru, known as the Inca Empire with its famous ruins, the long partly rugged coastal regions and dune landscapes, super delicious famous fish dishes like ceviche, and the mighty mysterious mountains of the Andes, the longest mountain range on earth. It's all too understandable who has Peru high on their bucket list. Here is what you need to know about traveling to Peru.

We are 100.000

Manuel Becker Manuel Becker
News · 1 min read

I can't believe how fast we suddenly grew into such a big community but I am super happy about every single person who gave this platform a try. Thank you!

Developer Update: Privacy and Images

Manuel Becker Manuel Becker
Changelog · 3 min read

With the recent massive changes, I feel it's time for a short update since most of you won't visit the 'What's New'-page regularly. To validate that the platform is moving in the right direction, here is an overview of these invisible changes.

Stunning Photography from an erupting Volcano in Iceland

Mathias & Annika Koch Mathias & Annika Koch
Travel · 2 min read

Annika and Mathias were able to manage a very spontaneous trip to Iceland when they heard that a volcano had erupted in Iceland. Here is the story and the stunning photography behind this trip to this beautiful lava show.

5 Tips for photographing Hallerbos

Aliaume Chapelle Aliaume Chapelle
Tips & Tricks · 3 min read

Hallerbos is world-famous for its carpet of wild bluebells which appear in early spring. You have surely seen beautiful photos and you are wondering how to achieve the same result. I share with you my experience acquired over the last six years where I had the opportunity to photograph the flowering of bluebells.

New Feature: Weather

Manuel Becker Manuel Becker
Changelog · 2 min read

The weather is one of the most important factors for a great landscape photo. That's why Locationscout will now show the current weather for each spot around the world in real-time.

2021 Roadmap Challenge

Manuel Becker Manuel Becker
News · 4 min read

I am starting this year with a really demanding personal challenge to create even more value for you: 12 months = 12 new big content or feature upgrades to Locationscout

Leave No Trace

Manuel Becker Manuel Becker
News · 1 min read

Locationscout teamed up with the environmental non-profit organization "Leave No Trace" to further our commitment to protect nature and sustainability.

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