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January 2022

contributed by: Manuel
  • Climate protection · The new Environment page reveals our latest new partnership with Wilderness International to fight climate change via wilderness sponsorships in rainforests in Canada and Peru.

October 2021

contributed by: Manuel

What's improved

  • New users will now see an onboarding when logging in for the first time on the website.
  • You are finally able to see the current newsletter subscription status in your profile settings and change it from there.

September 2021

contributed by: Manuel
  • What's new · This beautiful new page now helps you to stay up to date with the latest new features, improvements and content releases. Even though I am only a solo-developer working on this platform, there are quite a few awesome external people helping me to release so much new stuff for you on a regular basis. Feature suggestions via mail are always highly appreciated.
  • Explore · Get inspired for your next trip by the entirely new Explore page.
  • New Font · Locationscout has a beautiful modern font now with tons of smaller optimizations to improve the readability and bolder headlines to make sections easier to recognize.

August 2021

contributed by: Manuel
  • Download Area · Locationscout is all about finding beautiful spots to take photos, but it's also really important to me that you won't only find these beautiful places but also get your own best possible photo. That's why the platform has a Learn Section which got extended by a Download Area now with 2 initial high-quality Lightroom preset packages.
  • Newsletter Redesign · The monthly newsletter received a full redesign with less text and more focus around beautiful photos from the community and helpful content from the Learn Section.

What's improved

  • The entire Learn Section has a new beautiful dark design to match the videos while giving the content itself more focus.
  • Learn entries now have a subtle slide effect when hovering them to show the author and give the photos more space with less text on them.
  • The Learn Section is finally looking good on mobile devices.

July 2021

contributed by: Manuel
  • Spots Nearby Feature · The Spots Nearby Feature was already available for Premium users in the app and now it's also available on the website, making planning a trip a lot more convenient because you immediately see spots that you can combine and visit together. Simply click the button in the top left on the map within each spot to enable the feature and select a spot to calculate walking time and see the shortest route.

What's improved

  • Spots now have a bigger map.

June 2021

contributed by: Bianka · Manuel
  • 50+ Location Guides · This month is more about content and therefore there are over 50 new high quality Location Guides within popular locations like Hawaii, Florida, The Hague and many more. You can find the entire list in our Location Section. All of this wouldn't have been possible without Bianka, who wrote most of these texts and did a fantastic job researching and gathering all the information needed to visit these places.

May 2021

contributed by: Stephan · Manuel
  • Verified Profiles · We are 62.000+ travelers and photographers already, so it's definitely time to give more of you a chance to highlight your beautiful galleries with features like the new verified profiles. Verified profiles are indicated by a small check behind the name in spots, comments, the feed, and in the profile.
  • Profile Tooltips · A new profile tooltip is shown when you hover profile images in the feed or below spot images to get more details about this photographer immediately.

April 2021

contributed by: Manuel
  • Licensing · Nowadays, stock-image platforms are taking up to 85% of the revenue while forcing the photographers to fixed prices which result in earnings of less than 10 Cents per image sold. I am a photographer myself and as the founder / solo developer of this platform, I simply can't accept the status quo. That's why I am introducing a new license feature this month. Earn money via Locationscout by offering your photos for licensing. No middleman fee, 100% your revenue. Learn more

March 2021

contributed by: Stephan · Manuel
  • Weather · One of the most important factors for a great landscape photo is now shown within each spot around the world in real-time. Learn more

What's improved

  • Stephan and I did improve the page speed again by around 10-15%.
  • For all our friends from the United States, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Cayman Islands, Liberia, the Bahamas, and Belize, I made sure to set the temperature to Fahrenheit for the new weather feature, which can be changed in the profile settings at any time.

February 2021

contributed by: Stephan · Manuel
  • Big Performance Upgrade · We tripled our server infrastructure with an entirely new basis to reach faster loading times (up to 3x more speed) and scale limitlessly.

What's improved

  • We invested a lot of time to improve pages that became slow because of more and more data like the home feed, which is now up to 10x (!!) faster than before due to lots of performance improvements on how data is loaded.

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Thank you for every Premium Subscriber for your financial support, making all these improvements possible in the first place. Everything before January 2021 and all the small daily improvements aren't listed because that would go beyond the scope.

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