Golden Hour in Saint Petersburg

From Start to Finish Golden Hour in Saint Petersburg

Anton Alymov 3 episodes 46:07 min
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In this video tutorial, Anton is showing his full workflow from getting the photo at the spot in Saint Petersburg up to retouching it in Adobe Lightroom Classic & Photoshop with lots of great tips and techniques on how to express your artistic vision.

Part 1 is for beginners where Anton takes you with him to Saint Petersburg and shows you how to get the photo itself and what you should pay attention to. In Part 2 he shows you the basic retouching in Adobe Lightroom while rounding up the final steps in Part 3 with Adobe Photoshop which is about getting rid of content you don't want to have in your scene and using techniques to.

Anton Alymov is an internationally working professional photographer who creates expressive photos that have been exhibited in galleries around the world. With his elegant techniques, he is the perfect teacher when it comes to creating impactful works of art using simple and easy-to-understand terms. This will help you learn about the ideas and different techniques you can use to photograph and retouch your personal masterpiece.

This video is part of our "From Start to Finish"-series where photographers share their entire workflow without hiding the interesting parts and details that often matter the most to create a unique and special result.

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