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Explore the best places for photography at Cologne, Germany

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Cologne (german: Köln) is a beautiful city with over 1 mio inhabitants in the Rhineland of Germany, which is well known as the center of carnival.

Especially the Rhine offers many great places for photography in Cologne, because the Cologne Cathedral and many other popular buildings are just nearby.
The city also hosts the Photokina in Cologne Deutz every 2 years, which is the worlds biggest photography exhibition and where photographers from all over the world are visiting the town.

Travel tips for Cologne

Like in any big city Cologne has lots of places where you can leave your car. It's pretty hard though to find free parking spaces and sometimes it's even not that easy to find payed ones, especially if you wont to leave your car in the center or in a residential area. If you have the chance it's always a good idea to leave your car outside the city and use the public transportation to get whereever you want. Most of the photography places are around the Rhine near the main station, which is just beside the Cologne Cathedral.

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