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Beautiful countries & places for photography

Germany (1789)

Many beautiful cities, rivers and castles are typical for Germany. As a photographer you have to pay attention to the weather forecast, because rainy or very cloudy days are also pretty typical for the country.

Photographers from Germany (1887)

  • Manuel Becker
  • Gunnar Heilmann
  • Winfried Rusch
  • Reemt Peters-Hein
  • Harald Brede
  • Frank Dietrich
  • Florian Schwientek
  • fototante.de
  • Fotoworkshop BW
  • Dirk Wiemer
  • Annemarie Berlin
  • Are you a photographer from Germany?

USA (893)

The United States of America are huge and amazing in so many ways. There is so much to discover like all these different and beautiful types of landscapes. Furthermore there are so many stunning cities, which are all completely different and offer many…

Photographers from USA (998)

  • Keshava Mysore
  • Dan Froese
  • Gabi Fulcher
  • Cal Holman
  • kyle wurtz
  • R4HAND
  • Josh Owen
  • John Hernandez
  • Peter Aiken
  • Daryl L. Hunter
  • rich thrasher
  • Are you a photographer from USA?

Italy (543)

If you are searching for mediterranean and beautiful buildings Italy is a great place to be. Beside many amazing coastal areas like Cinque Terre or Tuscany, cities like Rome or Venice are cultural highlights.

Photographers from Italy (159)

  • Francesco Torquati Gritti
  • Chiara Salvadori
  • Giovanni Cocco
  • Helmut Plamper
  • simone gramegna
  • Val Gardena Gröden
  • Andreas Ras
  • Stefano Mitta
  • Claudio Cantonetti
  • Max Battaglia
  • Carlo Marchisio
  • Are you a photographer from Italy?

United Kingdom (455)

Beautiful landscapes and huge cities are just a few photographic characteristics for the United Kingdom. Popular metropols like London, Edinburgh or Manchester are just a few of many well known places to visit. Probably the best known thing about the…

Photographers from United Kingdom (442)

  • Mathew Browne
  • will goodwin
  • Phil Page
  • Paul Constable
  • Andrzej Bieniek
  • Kevin Staddon
  • Emanuel Ribeiro
  • Sebastien Degardin
  • BARphotography
  • Derek Daniel
  • carl doghouse
  • Are you a photographer from United Kingdom?

France (381)

Paris, Lyon, Marseille or Nice are only a few examples of many beautiful cities in France. No matter what kind of landscape you are interested in, this country provides coasts as well as mountains.

Photographers from France (186)

  • Gregory Lebreton
  • Guillaume Z-photographie
  • Julien CHIQUET
  • Alexis Musso
  • Jimmy_t
  • Nicolas Hoizey
  • JennyH
  • Olivier Herrmann
  • Volker Gilbert
  • Raphaël Chekroun
  • Lensup
  • Are you a photographer from France?

Spain (277)

Spain is a really multifarious country with huge mountains in the north with even snow during the winter and beautiful beaches in the south and on the several islands which belong to Spain. Additionally you can find volcanic landscapes on the Canary…

Photographers from Spain (85)

  • Antoni Figueras
  • AwOiSoAk
  • Michele Kerstholt
  • roberto lopez cruz
  • Josep Balaguer
  • Pablo Mazorra
  • José Luis Castaño Azuela
  • Cesar Crusat
  • Francisco M. Jiménez Martínez
  • Tony Unwin
  • Max
  • Are you a photographer from Spain?

Norway (251)

Norway is THE country when it comes to amazing landscape photography. The country has such a huge extent from north to south that the landscape changes dramatically when you drive through the whole country. In the northern part are nearly no…

Photographers from Norway (53)

  • Svein-Magne Tunli
  • Roger Hampton
  • Jostein rasmussen
  • Tom Torstensen
  • Tor Gilje
  • Kristian Reinskau Knudsen
  • Paul Konradsen
  • Morten B. Hofsøy
  • Kjetil Nordaas
  • Rune Lund
  • Marius Troy
  • Are you a photographer from Norway?

Portugal (242)

Portugal is a really nice country to extend the summer which might be too short in the more northern european countries. It is a good mixture of big cities like Porto or Lisboa and amazing landscapes as you can find them at the Algarve.

Photographers from Portugal (78)

  • Paulo Azevedo
  • Joao Pinheiro
  • Alexandre de Sousa
  • Nuno Lela
  • Pedro Tavares
  • César Cota
  • Firecrest Independent
  • Nuno Borges
  • Marco Horta
  • Daniel Boavida
  • Pedro Crispim
  • Are you a photographer from Portugal?

Austria (223)

Austria is famous for its tradition regarding architecture. You can find amazing historical buildings in almost every city in Austria. Vienna is perhaps the best known place for old traditions. Beside the architecture topic you can go for landscape…

Photographers from Austria (145)

  • Fraaanz Till
  • Barbara Seiberl-Stark
  • Tobias Teunisse
  • Manfred Foeger
  • Julius Moosbrugger
  • Torsten Muehlbacher
  • Tina Toth
  • Bernhard Wimmer
  • Julian Kammel
  • Christian Sagmüller
  • Daniel Reichel
  • Are you a photographer from Austria?

Netherlands (222)

The Netherlands are well known for the huge amount of windmills spread all over the country. So find your favorite one and combine it with a nice sky and foreground. Of course you can find more interesting photography objects than windmills in that…

Photographers from Netherlands (174)

  • Laanscapes Photography
  • Gee Hurkmans
  • Prajeesh Prathap
  • Adelheid Smitt
  • tirza
  • Jos Driessen
  • Arjen Dijk
  • Richard Jansen
  • Ineke Van Kempen
  • Alexander Smirnov
  • Wim Scholte
  • Are you a photographer from Netherlands?

Switzerland (194)

Switzerland is one of the countries when it comes to magnificent mountain scenery with a load of snow in the winter, amazing colors in autumn, lovely sunny days in summer and beautiful flowers in spring. Additionally there are several cities which are…

Photographers from Switzerland (199)

  • Jason Protheroe
  • Thomas Hugi
  • Mirco Gugg
  • Stefan Somogyi
  • Raegi
  • Lara Rahel
  • Dany K.
  • Juliana Mourisca
  • Feliksas Ostapenko
  • Mel Weber
  • Roman Burri
  • Are you a photographer from Switzerland?

Iceland (176)

Iceland is a paradise for photographers with beautiful landscapes, amazing waterfalls and a terrain you won't find anywhere else than in this country. The northern location of this country also makes this a perfect place to see the Northern Lights…

Photographers from Iceland (6)

  • Sigurður Atli Atlason
  • Brynjar Ágústsson
  • jay patel
  • Go Iceland Car Rental
  • Oscar Bjarnason
  • Oscar Bjarnason
  • Are you a photographer from Iceland?

Australia (158)

When you think about that huge country in many cases the opera in Sydney comes to your mind, but there are a lot of other photography spots. No matter if you are looking for great cityscape shots or for landscapes in the proper meaning of the word you…

Photographers from Australia (156)

  • Robert Dettman
  • Howard Ferrier
  • Igli Martini
  • David Bishop
  • Barrie Turpin
  • John Annat
  • David Ross
  • Bradley Rasmussen
  • Mark Galer
  • Mitch
  • Yang Ch'ng
  • Are you a photographer from Australia?

Canada (154)

Canada offers many great opportunities for photography, especially with all these beautful and extreme large landscapes. Big cities like Vancouver or Toronto are amazing locations to start your expedition from.

Photographers from Canada (198)

  • Mauricio Jean
  • Blim
  • Darren Fast
  • Christian Hering-Junghans
  • Arnaud Mariat
  • Kevin Hardy
  • Ai Lin Szwoch
  • Dennis Ducklow
  • Yves Ouellette
  • Megan Belford
  • Viktor Elizarov
  • Are you a photographer from Canada?

Greece (153)

There are so many Islands you can visit in that country and they all have different landscapes to offer. The islands on the west coast of greece as Corfu are known for their huge olive groves and forests, on the Cyclades you find the typical greece…

Photographers from Greece (28)

  • Stavros Marmaras
  • Alkis Giannoulis
  • Georgios Bakopoulos
  • Leonidas Kouris
  • Nana Sorovou
  • Nick Giatrakis
  • Charles Coonz
  • Giannis Theocharis
  • Are you a photographer from Greece?

China (139)

This is such a huge country that it is quite difficult to talk about just a few things that are special there. All of us come several things to our mind when we are thinking of China as the famous wall, the huge rice fields or the ridiculous big cities…

Photographers from China (43)

  • Liuliu Shen
  • BJS
  • Yutong Chen
  • xia xia
  • Yuanfeng Yao
  • Yizhen Wang
  • Qinhe Zheng
  • Zhian Zhou
  • ren wu
  • Peng Zhang
  • Dong Mao
  • Are you a photographer from China?

New Zealand (139)

Absolutely amazing country when comes to epic landscape photography. Wether you are looking for wonderful waterfalls, gorgeous seascapes, fantastic milky way shots or fascinating mountain and glacier areas you will find them several times on both of…

Photographers from New Zealand (36)

  • Katja Riedel
  • rina sjardin-thompson
  • Ruedi Mosimann
  • Lydia Ward
  • Graeme Campbell
  • Paul Willyams
  • Byron Coll
  • Colin Boyle
  • Dale Robinson
  • Mark Hazell
  • Vee Jay
  • Are you a photographer from New Zealand?

Belgium (104)

Belgium is well known for beautiful historic towns like Bruges or bigger cities like Antwerp or Brussels, the capital of Belgium and besides that the capital of the European Union (EU). Especially for countries nearby Belgium is the perfect travel…

Photographers from Belgium (148)

  • Guy Steen
  • Aliaume Chapelle
  • Paul Rousseau
  • Dean Ariel
  • Rudy De Maeyer
  • Patrick Makelberge
  • Peter Luxem
  • Fabian
  • Eric Henrion
  • Andrea Gozzo
  • Monique Bogaerts
  • Are you a photographer from Belgium?

Ireland (94)

Ireland also known as the green Island is a good place to be when you are looking for amazing coastlines with rough rocky cliffs.

Photographers from Ireland (39)

  • Ciaran McGrenera
  • Derek Ryan
  • linda oreilly
  • John Tierney
  • Rik Powdrill
  • Harry Roberts
  • Robert alves
  • Sam McAllister
  • Phelim Ryan
  • Neil O'Mullane
  • Keith Moten
  • Are you a photographer from Ireland?

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