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Beautiful countries & places for photography

Zimbabwe (7 spots)

Belarus (6 spots)

Moldova (6 spots)

Martinique (6 spots)

Tonga (6 spots)

Bahrain (5 spots)

Bermuda (5 spots)

Kenya (5 spots)

New Caledonia (5 spots)

Uganda (5 spots)

Guadeloupe (4 spots)

Malawi (4 spots)

Niue (4 spots)

Puerto Rico (4 spots)

Rwanda (4 spots)

Venezuela (4 spots)

Monaco (3 spots)

Monaco is with an area of only 2.02 sq km (0.78 sq mi) the second smallest country in the world. None the less the city of Monaco offers many shapes of cultural and visual highlights. If you are in the south of France, Monaco is a must-see on your…

Ethiopia (3 spots)

Kuwait (3 spots)

Cayman Islands (3 spots)

Where are the most amazing places for photography? Locationscout is a network of passionate photographers and travellers around the world, discovering it together.

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