Here are 1150 photo spots in Norway for you.

Norway is THE country when it comes to amazing landscape photography. The country has such a huge extent from north to south that the landscape changes dramatically when you drive through the whole country.

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Tips for your trip within Norway

About the country

In the northern part are nearly no people and it is quite rough to be there due to weather conditions. There are times during the summer when you only get 5 degrees during the day and you can have snow in august, but there are also times when you get lucky 20 degrees and sunshine the whole day and night. So be prepared for every weather condition you can imagine.

When you are traveling south you come to islands called Lofoten which look more carribbean than you are expecting it at such a latitude. There you will find white beaches with turquoise water and lovely small fishing villages offering a lot of possibilities to catch your perfect picture.

Moving on to the south the landscape changes again and you will get more and more steep valleys with high mountains around and the fjords for which Norway is that famous for, but it can get really crowded during the summer months.

Beside all this fabulous nature Norway offers several beautiful citys which are really worth a visit. There is Tromsø for example, which is excellent to witness the northern lights or Bergen and Trondheim which offer nice "skylines" to get beautiful cityscape photos.


The most obvious way to get to Norway is using the airport of Oslo Gardemoen and taking the plane again to any of the numerous airports spread over the whole country. But when you are doing that you definitely need a rental car to explore all the small towns and regions where you will never get with public transportation.

When you like to be as flexible as possible using campsites is absolutely recommended. You don´t have to stay in a tent or a camping waggon when you don´t like it because the most norwegian campsites offer small huts with a bit more comfort.

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