Here are 306 photo spots in Lofoten for you.

When you'll arrive with the ferry from Bodø, are a lucky guy and the weather is nice you'll never forget the moment when the mountain chain of the archipelago appear on the horizon. It´s magical to see such steep mountains leading directly into the ocean. There is no place on earth where you can see such high mountains at a ocean coast.

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Tips for your trip to Lofoten

About the location

When you move to the north side of the islands you´ll find Caribbean looking white beaches with turquoise water. Additionally there a several really charming fishermen´s villages like Henningsvær or Reine where you can sit in tiny cafés or bars and just enjoy the time flying by.


You can either get there by ferry from Bodø or use the airport of Narvik called Evenes. No matter which option you choose it is a good idea to catch a rental car when arriving. Public transport is quite poor and is not offering the opportunity to get to the really nice and unique places of the islands. A good but exhausting way tomove around is to use your feed or a bike.

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