Here are 58 photo spots in Oslo for you.

Oslo is the capital and one of the most popular cities of Norway. With nearly 700,000 inhabitants, Oslo is one of the biggest cities in Scandinavia.

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Tips for your trip to Oslo

About the location

The Opera House, the Akershus Fortress and the Holmenkollen Ski Jump Arena are great spots for architecture photography. Oslo is at the top of Oslofjord, surrounded by forests and mountains. There are about 40 islands in and around the city. That's why the environment of Oslo has a lot to offer in terms of landscape photography as well.

Oslo is worth a visit during every season of the year. The gulf stream brings for scandinavian conditions a relatively mild climate to Oslo even in winter.


Oslo offers a variety of public transportation systems to explore the famous attractions around the area. It is easy to travel via bus, metro and tram.

The main Oslo Central Station and Bus terminal is located near Jernbanetorget, so it is easy to access any of the public transportation systems. This city also has a main port that serves ferry-boats and cruise ships.

Like other big cities, Oslo also offers a special pass known as the "Oslo Pass" to travel by all public transport within the limits of the city. It also allows free entry to the museums, attractions, and discounts on sightseeing and so on.

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