Here are 73 photo spots in Münster for you.

Münster is a historic city located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Münster's Old Town is characterized by narrow cobblestone streets, charming squares, and beautifully restored buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. The Prinzipalmarkt, a historic market square lined with colorful gabled houses, is a particularly picturesque area.

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Tips for your trip to Münster

About the location

The Cathedral of Saint Paulus, commonly referred to as Münster Cathedral, is a striking Gothic-style cathedral located in the heart of the city. It features impressive architecture, intricate sculptures, and stunning stained glass windows.

Best timing

Schlossplatz Events: Schlossplatz, the square in front of Münster's Baroque-style palace, hosts cultural events, concerts, and festivals. These events, ranging from outdoor performances to art installations, offer photographers the chance to capture dynamic scenes of entertainment and community gatherings.

St. Paulus Dom: Münster's St. Paulus Cathedral, with its imposing twin towers, is the venue for religious ceremonies, concerts, and organ recitals. Photographers can document the cathedral's architectural details, as well as capture the atmosphere of liturgical celebrations or musical performances.

Prinzipalmarkt Illumination: During special occasions such as Christmas or cultural festivals, the Prinzipalmarkt may be illuminated with festive lights and decorations. Photographers can capture the enchanting ambiance of the illuminated square, with its historic buildings adorned in twinkling lights.

Schlossfestspiele: The Schlossfestspiele (Palace Festival) is an annual cultural event held at Münster's palace grounds, featuring theatrical performances, concerts, and open-air events. Photographers can document the festival's artistic performances and outdoor spectacles.


You can travel to Münster by train, car, bus, or bicycle, with convenient access provided by the city's well-connected transportation network.
While Münster does not have its own airport, the nearest international airports are Dortmund Airport (DTM) and Münster-Osnabrück International Airport (FMO).

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