How to create a Drone Panorama in Lightroom

From Start to Finish How to create a Drone Panorama in Lightroom

Marcel Lesch (evolumina) 11:52 min
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In this video tutorial, Marcel is showing his workflow in Adobe Lightroom Classic on how to create a high-resolution Drone Panorama out of 9 horizontal photos which allow him to crop the image vertically for platforms like Instagram.

With over 450.000 followers on Instagram, Marcel Lesch (also known as Evolumina) is one of the biggest German landscape photography influencers. His stunning photos from all around the world convey an incredible mood and therefore he is the perfect teacher to show you some of his tricks and thoughts behind his iconic photos.

This video is part of our "From Start to Finish"-series where photographers share their entire workflow without hiding the interesting parts and details that often matter the most to create a unique and special result.

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