How to use Dodge & Burn to elevate your photos

Mastering Photoshop How to use Dodge & Burn to elevate your photos

Tim Philippus 18:36 min

In this Adobe Photoshop video tutorial, the experienced travel photographer Tim Philippus is showing you how to use "Dodge & Burn" to elevate your photos. Using this technique in cityscape and landscape photography can be a gamechanger for your results to get more contrast and make the important content of your photo immediately stand out to the viewer.

Dodge & Burn is a technique that was done manually before digital photography even existed while the main purpose stayed the same. It's also used a lot in portrait photography to highlight different parts of the face while reducing skin blemishes. Nevertheless, it's also a great technique for every other photographer that gives you a lot of freedom and creative space to improve your photos in a subtle, realistic, and yet fundamental way.

Tim Philippus is a German travel photographer & Instagramer who turns creative ideas into real artworks by knowing in advance which parts he needs to create his envisioned perfect photo from places all around the world. With deep knowledge in post-processing, Tim likes to focus on the result and surprise the viewer with stunning details and perfectly balanced compositions.

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