New Feature: Weather

New Feature: Weather

Manuel Becker Manuel Becker in Changelog
27.03.2021 · 2 min read
Photo by Manuel Becker

The weather is one of the most important factors for a great landscape photo. That's why Locationscout will now show the current weather for each spot around the world in real-time.

In 2016 I wrote an article about How I drastically improved my Photography with just 2 little decisions which was shared by the biggest photo platforms in the world and therefore resulting in a lot of discussions, especially because my opinion was that gear doesn't matter so much. This didn't change and in 2021 I think this evolved even further with powerful smartphones and software that helps you to get your perfect photo. Instead of having to focus on the technical stuff, we as photographers are more and more able to focus on the scene itself and enjoying the moment, which is something I highly appreciate. What didn't change either is my opinion about the order of factors for a great photo:

  1. Timing & Location
    Take your photos at the right time at the right spot with an amazing sunset, beautiful moody fog, or during blue hour and your results will be at least on a pretty decent level.
  2. Postprocessing
    The way you tune the final result mostly depends on your personal style. Have you ever seen an image and you instantly knew who took it? Even in portrait photography, it's mostly defined by the way you process your image. This changed quite a bit for landscape photography during the last years and composition in combination with postprocessing got more and more important.
  3. Taking the photo
    Unless you are completely destroying the photo by using a wrong focus to get very unsharp results or by messing up your composition you usually can't fail in this part. That's the most important part to understand in my opinion! Excellent professional photographers don't get the best results because they have the best and most expensive gear, but because they know the best timing to get a great shot and how to process this raw data. A very good example are these photographers who always seem to be lucky to get that foggy mystical mood in all of their images. The truth is that most of them exactly know how to be right on time.

I took these 3 bullet points from my 5 years old article and I still think that Timing & Location is the most important factor for a great photo. Timing even more than the location itself, which is why every spot now shows you the current weather [free feature, you just need to be logged in] and why more weather features and adding this new feature to the iOS & Android App are already planned to let you focus on what matters the most: The experience itself.

Your opinion

Would you like to see even more weather details or different content within the spots that would help you planning your trip? Let me know in the comments below or write me a mail. Really appreciate your opinion. With features like this one and the recently added Learn Section I am trying to help you to not only know the best photo spots but also help you to get your best personal photo from these beautiful places.

P.S. For all our friends from the United States, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Cayman Islands, Liberia, the Bahamas, and Belize, I made sure to set the temperature to Fahrenheit, which can be changed in the profile settings at any time.
P.P.S. The teaser photo was taken at a Tulip Field near Espel in the Netherlands.

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Kelly Stith
Kelly Stith 22.06.2021
More Weather! It's what makes the shot...better.
Manuel Becker Team
Manuel Becker 22.06.2021
Fully agree. Would you like to see more weather features with exact timings directly within a spot?
Kelly Stith
Kelly Stith 25.06.2021
That would be cool.
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