Amsterdam Lights

From Start to Finish Amsterdam Lights

Albert Dros 19:14 min
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Albert Dros is without any doubt one of the best photographers in Europe and in this video, he is showing how he retouched a beautiful photo from Amsterdam from start to finish within Adobe Lightroom. Besides sharing the techniques he uses, he is sharing a lot of thoughts on why he does something and how it will affect the image, making it easy to follow his instructions on your own photos in the future.

This video is part of a Full Editing Course on Landscape Photography, which is an 8.5 hours long course by Albert where he is showing you all his secrets and techniques he uses to create his unique style that he is well known for. The online course even enables you to ask questions to each section, making this a perfect course for any photographer who wants to learn or advance in landscape photography. Albert is taking a lot of time to answer all the questions, which alone is well worth having a look at the course to elevate your photography skills together with such a great mentor.

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