Here are 266 photo spots in the Dolomites for you.

Located in the northeastern reaches of Italy, the Dolomites are a mountain range consisting of massive limestone mountains. The mountains were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009, and for a good reason, with their astounding beauty, the Dolomites are a site that deserve to be preserved.

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Tips for your trip to Dolomites

About the location

The region is renowned for its emphasis on outdoor activities, including skiing, hiking, mountain biking, climbing and base jumping. The area is also filled with national parks, offering visitors and locals alike amazing opportunities to escape into nature. Both Italian and German are spoken in the area, as the Dolomites border Austria.

Most of the top areas in the Dolomites consist of outdoors areas and stunning beauty, including towering mountains and hidden turquoise lakes.

The most famous sight in the mountain range is probably the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, meaning the three peaks of Lavaredo in Italian, and also known as the Drei Zinnen, (three merlons) in German. The three distinctive peaks rise above the beautiful scenery below, and can be accessed by hiking trails from surrounding villages. The mountain offers stunning photo opportunities to capture the spirit and essence of the Dolomites.

Lake Misurina is another popular site in the Dolomites, located around 1700 metres above sea level. The lake is more accessible than the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, with a variety of hotels surrounding its perimeter. Staying here could make for an amazing retreat into the mountains. The area is extremely picturesque, and offers amazing walking trails and opportunities for photographs of the stunning nature in the area. In the 1956 Winter Olympics, the speed skating event was held here, the last time that it was held on natural ice.

Cortina d'Ampezzo is a small village located in the heart of the Dolomites, known for its skiing, especially its apres ski scene, as well as hiking and culture. The town is best visited in the winter, when visitors can spend their days on the slopes and their nights in one of the many apres ski clubs. If visiting in the summer, come for hiking and other outdoor activities. The town also hosted the 1956 Winter Olympics, which increases its attraction as a winter sports destination.


The Dolomites can be fun to visit all year round, with summer and winter being the most advantageous times. Visit in winter for skiing, and the summer for hiking. The winding roads through the mountains can be quite dangerous, especially in winter with slippery snow and ice, so if you are driving, be cautious and research the conditions beforehand. Relish in the amazing natural beauty of the Italian Dolomites, and enjoy your trip!

The Dolomites can be traversed on ten different Dolomite high trails.

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