Here are 63 photo spots in Vancouver for you.

Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada is nestled in a bay in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. This towering metropolis glistens next to the bay and is full of amazing restaurants, museums, and modern architecture.

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Tips for your trip to Vancouver

About the location

As with so much of Canada, the city is only the beginning. Vancouver is surrounded by outstanding nature that you shouldn’t miss. Landscape photographers will never run out of new views to capture.

Walk along the Vancouver Harbor to find several amazing photo spots. This is a great way to get photos of the Vancouver skyline and its modern skyscrapers.

Head to the northeast to the Vancouver Lookout to get amazing panoramic views of the surrounding city, sea, and countryside. Tilted windows make it easy to get a shot of the streets directly below.

At the end of the False Creek inlet, Science World stands out with its glass-lined geodesic dome. Take photos at night, when it lights up like a giant disco ball and makes the water glow.

Walk over the pedestrian walkway of the stunning Lion’s Gate Bridge Suspension Bridge. It rises out of the fog and gives stunning views of the city. The Granville Bridge connects the city to Granville Island and also offers views of the bay and city. Both bridges are iconic and are photo opportunities in themselves.

You don’t have to go far to get amazing shots of nature. Stanley Park is a large urban park with a scenic beach, a seawall, and art, including colorful totem poles. The beach here looks great during sunsets, so bring your camera.

Vancouver truly has the best of both worlds for photographers. It’s hard to choose between the lights and action of the bustling city and the verdant greens of the countryside. Don’t leave Vancouver without venturing out of the city to the beautiful Capilano Suspension Bridge. Spanning 140 meters, this long suspension bridge allows you to walk through the towering treetops.


With mild, but very wet winters, and balmy, comfortable summers, Vancouver is a great place to visit year-round. However, although the long hours of summer sunlight will make your photos pop, you will be competing for space during the busiest tourist season.

If you want to explore the outdoors, a car rental is a good idea. Inside the city, you can get around by walking, the SkyTrain, buses, and the ferry.

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