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New Feature: Sunrise & Sunset Directions in every Spot

Manuel Becker Manuel Becker in Changelog
30.07.2016 · 1 min read
Photo by Manuel Becker

One of the most important things for photographers is to know, when and where the sun is rising or setting. For this reason we have added the exact directions for every spot to make it even easier for you to decide if the spot is good for your planned shooting or not.

In combination with the direction the photo was taken, which is already available in many spots and marked by the purple image marker, you get a very easy way to decide if it's worth it to be right on spot during sunrise or sunset, especially if you have a very specific idea in mind.

New Feature: Sunrise & Sunset Directions in every Spot

The bright yellow line shows the direction of the sunrise, the medium orange color shows the current position of the sun and the dark orange line leads into the direction where the sun is setting.

For this spot at Cap Formentor on Mallorca it's pretty helpful to see the direction the photographer was shooting, which is the dotted line towards the purple marker, in this zoom level overlaid by the parking place marker. Right before shooting at this spot we already know, that the sun is rising on the right side of the lighthouse, making this a perfect spot for a sunrise photography session. To make certain that you are right on time at the spot, there is also a timer in every spot, telling you when exactly the sun is at the horizon. Make sure though, that you are at least 30-60 mins before this time at the place so that you have enough time to find the best perspective for your image.

New Feature: Sunrise & Sunset Directions in every Spot

Cap Formentor is a great example for a spot that's perfect for sunrise photos. I even got pretty "lucky" with the clouds and colors, dividing the scene into 2 opposite colors with the warm colors on the right and the cooler blue colors on the left side of the lighthouse.

We hope you guys like this new feature and as always we really appreciate your feedback and further feature ideas.

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Comments (11)

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Keshava Mysore
Keshava Mysore 02.08.2016
great feature Manuel. really appreciate your efforts for the website. it is a to go place for landscape photographers.
Florian Schwientek
Florian Schwientek 02.08.2016
Really love this new feature. Thank you, Manuel for putting so much effort and passion in this platform.
Roger Hampton
Roger Hampton 01.08.2016
Great idea! That will be really great tool!
PhotoJoern.de 31.07.2016
Great stuff, Manuel. Your site is increasing in quality and content quickly. Congrats!
Manuel Becker Team
Manuel Becker 31.07.2016
Thank you very much dear Jörn! More than this it's awesome that so many talented photographers are participating!
Antoni Figueras
Antoni Figueras 31.07.2016
Is it possible to change the date to know the position of sunsirse/sunset while planning a trip?
Manuel Becker Team
Manuel Becker 31.07.2016
Not yet, but that's a great idea Antoni! I will add that to our feature roadmap.
Andreas Brett
Andreas Brett 31.07.2016
I was just about to ask the exact same thing. +1 for this feature request. @Manuel: great feature! I'm happy to see LS growing and growing to become a perfect multitool for landscape photography.
Florian Schwenk
Florian Schwenk 18.09.2016
This was also my first thought when I heard about the new feature. Happy to hear it is added to your roadmap!
Mathew Browne
Mathew Browne 31.07.2016
Brilliant idea
Manuel Becker Team
Manuel Becker 31.07.2016
Thank you very much my friend! Glad that you like it!
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