New Feature: Edit Spots

New Feature: Edit Spots

Manuel Becker Manuel Becker in Changelog
30.03.2018 · 2 min read
Photo by Manuel Becker

It’s spring cleaning time and with that we implemented a really cool new feature for improving the content within the existing spots. Based on that, we are going another step towards being the Wikipedia for photo spots.

In our last monthly newsletter we asked the community to rate the idea of being able to edit any spot on the platform. The results were pretty one sided and 87% voted positively for the idea. That’s why we immediately started to implement this feature. When we went live with Locationscout, our first goal was obviously to increase the number of spots on the platform, because without a critical number Locationscout wouldn’t be valuable for anybody. Since we already reached over 25.000 beautiful photos that were shared within spots all around the world, we will now try to add more and more features to improve the existing quality step by step. We already started this initiative last summer by adding the Behind the Scenes feature to every spot.

We strongly believe in communities and that this is the best way to create something really big. Everybody of you guys has a different opinion, different preferences and most notably different knowledge about all these beautiful places. Let’s use this strength to make new and existing spots easier to find and to enjoy for anybody.

New Feature: Edit Spots

This spot at Fischerinsel Skyscraper is a great example why the new feature makes so much sense, because when Robert and I wanted to visit this place in Berlin a few weeks ago, there was nearly no information in the description itself (besides the comments below - thank you guys!). So we had no idea how we can get up there and how much space we would have for the tripods. We didn’t even know, that you can enjoy this amazing view from 20 different floors and that the highest one isn’t the best one for a straight angle photo. Now that everybody can add these important details, it’s hopefully so much easier to find these places in the future.

How it works

The new edit feature is explained pretty quickly. If you are logged in, you will see a little pen behind the title and every content item (description, photography tips, travel information) of a spot. Clicking on this icon will enable the edit mode. By saving your changes afterwards, they will be visible to the Mods of the platform as a suggested change they just need to approve. To give credit to these changes, we already added a footnote to every spot, which is showing who created the spot and who improved it with different kinds of content (change suggestions, additional images or behind the scenes photos). As soon as your change went live, you will receive a notification and 10 reputation points per spot.

It’s also planned for the future, that experienced users will be able to change the spots immediately or maybe that the community can vote for suggested changes. Nevertheless it’s important for us to gather some learnings first and start improving this feature afterwards step by step based on your feedback and ideas.

As always we would love to hear your opinion about these latest changes in the comments below!

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Lincoln 08.08.2018
Where do I go to find information on how it all works? I have some great pics, but no GPS co-ordinates or street or road name also.
Manuel Becker Team
Manuel Becker 09.08.2018
Hey Lincoln, it's definitely quite difficult when you don't know where you took your photos. Most of the time I can tell you nearly exactly on the map where I took a photo, because I can estimate the position based on streets, buildings, landmarks etc. and see where I walked along to get to the spot. I don't use GPS too often myself, I usually just take an additional photo with my smartphone though to get the GPS data, although most of the time these coordinates are not exact enough. You can definitely add the photos that you remember or maybe you took a photo from a spot that already exists and you can add your photo to the existing spot if it's nearly the same spot + direction. Hope that helps you a little bit? Cheers, Manuel
Linda Kavanagh
Linda Kavanagh 24.04.2018
If someone is unable to reply in English for an edit that if they replied in their own language there would be a user in the community who could translate? Linda -Travel Perfected
Manuel Becker Team
Manuel Becker 24.04.2018
Hey Linda, I am not exactly sure what you mean, but I guess it very much depends on the language that needs to be translated :-)
Josep Galera
Josep Galera 01.04.2018
Magnificent idea Manuel! Congratulations, no doubt on the way to becoming a great photography website. Not only to see a great shot, but to know who and how he got a great shot and also document it, that's great. Congratulations The next road, have several languages, and further internationalize this great web
Manuel Becker Team
Manuel Becker 02.04.2018
Thank you dear Josep. Multiple languages are definitely on the roadmap, but since this is quite a lot of work we are prioritizing the app for iOS and Android at the moment. But afterwards I am sure that this becomes more and more important :-)
Alona Azaria
Alona Azaria 30.03.2018
I am rather new here and I honestly don't know how much of a say I may have, but in the short period that I spent on this platform, I quickly noticed that while most members take their time to tell about the location and add tips, quite a few may not have the time or the ability to add info to their amazing shots, so in that respect your idea is brilliant. Keep up the excellent work, Manuel!
Manuel Becker Team
Manuel Becker 31.03.2018
Hey dear Alona, your opinion is as important for us as the one from everybody else, no matter how long you are using the platform already. Very glad that you like the new feature, because that tells me that we are on the right track :-) We also have some users that are not that familiar with writing English, so that's also often a reason why the descriptions are missing, but that's fine and we now have the chance to keep improving! Wish you a nice weekend and cheers from Cologne!
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