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Pier of Nieuwpoort-bad Belgium

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Sunrise & Sunset 08:19 - 16:51 | current local time: 19:32
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Locations NieuwpoortBelgium
Photo Themes Landscape
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Spot Comments (2)

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Andry Deseintebein
Andry Deseintebein 06.10.
Dear Manuel, apologies for the mistakes, have corrected them and will pay more attention to do it right in the future. Thanks for liking my picture, your site is really a motivation to me to go outside and take pictures, even on a stormy day.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 06.10.
Hey dear Andry, that's a really beautiful photo, thank you very much for sharing it with the community. Just a few important notes on using this platform: The orange marker is used to set the position where you stood while taking the photo while the purple one is showing the direction you took the photo (so I guess the markers needs to be switched?). Besides that it would be awesome if you could name the spot based on where you took the photo or based on what it contains since other people are able to add their photo to this spot if they took a photo from the exact same place and then "Stormy day" doesn't make so much sense anymore for any photo but the position is the same for all. You can read more about that in the guidelines here: https://www.locationscout.net/guidelines Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience. I fully understand that it takes a little bit more effort at first but then beautiful photos like that are really appreciated by the community and helping a lot! Have a wonderful day, Manuel P.S. Feel free to write me at any time if you have any questions about that.

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Thank you Andry Deseintebein for creating this photo spot.
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