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Reading Between the Lines Belgium

Designed by Belgian architect duo Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh, this “church” is built out of 30 tons of horizontal steel beams and 2000 columns on top of a base of armed concrete.

It’s designed in such a way as to be transparent when viewed from different angles, and because of the spacing of the columns and beams it continues to morph into a different piece of art as you walk around it.

It has been called "Reading Between the Lines", and as it serves more of an artistic purpose than a functional one (nobody will be holding a church service in there any time soon, we assume), it represents a beautiful intersection of art and architecture — which all the best architecture does.
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Parking is possible on the mainroad, about 3 minutes walking.
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08:12 18:33
50°47'45.5591" N 5°21'13.088" E

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Spot comments (2)

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Peter Luxem
Peter Luxem 21.06.2015
It's on my todo list for a long time... Beautiful done
Yvonne Thiel
Yvonne Thiel 29.04.2015
Wow, this is beautiful Monique!!
Thank you Monique Bogaerts for creating this photo spot and Isabelle Vansteen for improving it with additional photos or content.

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