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Spirit Island, Jasper National Park Canada

You have to go here by boat, I took the one that cost three times as much specially for photographers. If you kayak and camp that would be a better option as the last boat leaves before the calm of evening and sunset.
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Travel information

Fly into Calgary and take your time getting to Jasper driving through Banff National Park and the Icefields Parkway. One of the prettiest places in the world. After getting to the town of Jasper, find your way to Maligne Lake Marina where you can arrange for a boat.
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A decent amount of people

Sunset during fall

08:12 16:56
52°38'37.5516" N 117°29'35.3782" W

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Spot comments (4)

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Pustefix2109 01.12.2017
Die geführten Touren sind immer schwierig da man als Fotograf doch eher Individualist ist. Wie auch immer, das Bild ist trotzdem klasse! :-)
Daryl L. Hunter
Daryl L. Hunter 01.12.2017
There is a "photographers tour" at the end of the day where you can spend an hour at the island. 3Xs as much as the regular boat tour but worth it.
Adelheid Smitt
Adelheid Smitt 30.11.2017
Late afternoon is best, because that is when the sun will light up the trees on Spirit Island, and the grand mountain scenery in the background. I took the regular boat tour, which is also pricey, and indeed, I had to make do with just 10 minutes for photos. So I think the advice is very good to take a specific photo tour.
Daryl L. Hunter
Daryl L. Hunter 25.02.2018
One day I'd like to take a kayak out there and camp in the nearby campground in order to capture a sunset.

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