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Xingping Free Viewpoint China

The free Viewpoint above Xingping just on the edge of a Li river river bend. You can see a lot of Karst peaks of the surrounding area. Good way to escape the massive chinese tourist crowds.
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Travel information

From Guilin you can take a Highspeed Train to Xingping station. From there take a bus to Xingping Town. From Yangshuo you can take a bus or possibly a bamboo boat.
In Xingping, facing the Li River, go left just before entering the bamboo boat dock area. There you will find steps up to the Pavillion Viewpoint.
Prepare for 20min-45min of climbing the steps.
From Yangshuo multiple buses go to Xingping during the day which take somewhere between 20-40min. Just remember not to miss the last one going back.
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Just a few people

Sunrise & sunset during fall

06:51 17:52
24°55'3.2772" N 110°31'15.5692" E

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Ravn Henkel
Ravn Henkel 08.03.2017
During the rainy season all the dust is washed out of the atmosphere which can give you clear view. I was there in december during the dry period. The haze in my image can give you an idea of how it is likely to be like in winter. Also during the rainy season the River will have much more water. I would suggest going during the end of the rainy season. Less rain, full riverbed, clear view.
Frank Dietrich
Frank Dietrich 08.03.2017
Great photo and location! Do you have an idea what time of the year is the best to take photos of the Karst peaks?

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