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Faroe Islands Drangarnir

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Long hike for the sunset but an incredible place to photograph Dragonair.

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Travel Information

The hike was about 2 hours each way for me but can be done quicker. I was there at the end of May, and while the sun did set, it was not completely dark and I used a camping headlamp. I would suggest you do hike back. The trail starts in a car park past the Sorvagur ferry dock. Walk past the ferry dock, into the car park, park and look along the shoreline for the trail.
Crowd Factor Just a few people
Best Timing Sunset
Sunrise & Sunset 09:21 - 16:00 | current local time: 14:39
Locations Drangarnir
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Spot Comments (8)

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Luigi Trevisi
Luigi Trevisi 04.02.2020 , edited
HI Jens! Thanks for sharing this amazing picture and all the information. I'm going there at the end of March and was wondering if you'd recommend hiking in the darkness for two hours (before sunrise or after sunset). Otherwise, I might think to take some shoots during the day since I guess I won't have problems with harsh light!
Kate 28.08.2020
Hi Luigi - I wouldn't recommend the hike in the dark. Most of it is sheep tracks, which are narrow and make it easy to get offtrack. Plus, it's on a super steep slope that goes down fast to a rocky edge. It's not in any way a groomed trail. Also, the sun will be at your back and may be blocked by the cliff for quite a while (so you probably won't get first light.) Still, if you're determined you might make sunrise happen if you convince someone to take you out by boat (and that's probably safer overall than hiking out in the dark.) The only exception would be hiking in the height of the summer because it doesn't ever get fully dark.
Jens 24.07.2019
Another Update: the hike can be booked at hiking.fo in advance. Also tours by boat are possible . We were lucky as be booked the hike and just before it should start a rain shower came up. So the guide (seemed to be the land owners son) brought us out by boat and picked us up again two hours later, adding a drive through the sea stack and into Munkastova. So sceptical we had been when we came to the meeting point, so happy we were when returning :-)
Kate 04.07.2019
Did the hike this week and have some updated comments. It's definitely not a 2 hour hike unless you're very fit and a skilled hiker. I'd estimate at least 2.5 hours (it took me 3 because I stopped for photos along the way.) There are some very technical stretches that definitely worked on my nerves and are another good reason to have a hiking partner in case something goes wrong. Also, as Jens has mentioned, you absolutely need permission to do this hike. It's 550 DKK and the story is that the landowner watches the trail with binoculars and will come over in his boat to take people off the trail if they're there without permission and then make you pay the fee. Not super friendly, but it's not public land so he's within his rights. Guided hikes on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays can be arranged with the information posted on signs at the trailhead (and a few warning signs along the way.) Putting the contact info here for everyone: [email protected] or +298 22 30 72. I get the impression that you can arrange to hike on another day if you're with a group, have some sort of local guide, and absolutely get the permission of the landowner. This is what I did and I think I only got away with it because I was proactive and there was another group out ahead of me already.
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar 25.06.2019
Great shot!
Jens 27.04.2019
Important: There are hiking restrictions meanwhile as the path to Dragarnir leads over private owned land: https://visitfaroeislands.com/see-do/hiking/guidelines-restrictions/ There are guided tours three times a week, photographers can hire a photographer for individual tours but this increases the price to more than double - currently a trip for two photographers for sunset costs DKK 3250 (EUR 435,--) if you join the normal hike it's "only" DKK 550 (EUR 75,--) per person (April 2019)
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 14.07.2018
Wow, that's awesome! How long was the hike and where did you start? Just asking because I would like to know if you can get back after sunset or if you need to camp nearby. Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful place Chris!
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 16.07.2018
Awesome information dear Chris, appreciate it so much! I will add the details for you in this spot description so that everybody can find it immediately. Thanks for sharing your experience, this spot and your wonderful shot of course!

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