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The tree at Valensole France

When photographing lavender fields an area of interest, such as a tree or an old stone building (mas) helps to improve the picture. Milky Way arc on the Valensole plain, near Puimoisson, Provence. I was surprised to be able to photograph a Milky Way arc so late in the season! Taken with the iOptraon SkyGuider Pro and Fujifilm X-T2 Samyang 8mm Fisheye, ISO 6400 f/2.8 240 seconds, foreground same setup, same time, however with SkyGuider turned off. Both pictures were taken at the same location, the same equipment, within 240 seconds.

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Travel Information

There is plenty of parking along the D8 and on the little side roads. Do respect the privacy signs. For this photo I obtained the permission of the owner of the fields.
Crowd Factor Lots of people
Best Timing Blue hour/nighttime during summer
Sunrise & Sunset 05:59 - 21:05 | current local time: 18:34
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Locations PuimoissonFrance
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Spot Comments (3)

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Edward 18.10.2018
HI Astrid, Did you buy or rent the SkyGuider? Either way, the effect is amazing; I want to try this. Thanks for sharing.
Astrid Hall
Astrid Hall 18.10.2018
Hi Edward, I own it. Yes, it really makes a difference. I took a 8min photo of the sky from my roof terrace in an urban environment, with a wonderful milky way. Difficult to believe.
Edward 18.10.2018
Its an investment that is clearly paying off, they're just great. I think I'll start dropping Christmas present hints to my family.

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