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Cap Dramont France

The sea, good and warm weather, relaxed people, just in a good mood, and finally, of course, a great spot! Anything else?
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The car park is very close. Look at the map.
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07:51 16:56
43°24'43.8874" N 6°51'1.0833" E

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Spot comments (6)

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Alona Azaria
Alona Azaria 04.08.2018
This is such a stunning composition. Love the tree and with that background its a prize winning. Would you care to add to your description a snap-shot of a map showing the path to that point? Thank you so very much!!!
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 19.07.2016
A really nice place and as always a great composition dear Mirco!!
Mirco Gugg
Mirco Gugg 20.07.2016
Oh yeah. It is simply beautiful there. Many thanks, Manuel.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 20.07.2016
By the way: You are not making it easy for me to not share all of your stunning photos mate... ;-)
Mirco Gugg
Mirco Gugg 21.07.2016
Thank you man for your kind words. You may share all of my pictures. ;)
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 21.07.2016
"Locationscout powered by Mirco Gugg Photography" :D I really appreciate your shared photos and spots, thank you very much!!

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