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Bluebell wood, Hückelhoven Germany

One of the most magical places I've seen so far in my life is a bluebell wood (ger.: "Hasenglöckchen") - a wood which is full of these beautiful blue flowers like a huge carpet inside a different world. There are these strong old trees and in between everything is full of these little fragile flowers, generating an amazing color contrast between blue, green and brown.
Blooming period should be around middle - end of April (I was there at 26.04. and I should have been there a few days earlier), but that depends on the weather, so you should take care of that.

IMPORTANT information: Please stay on these trails inside the wood and don't leave them, because if you do so, you are destroying the flora. Always remind our photography guidelines: "take nothing but pictures - leave nothing but footprints". Thank you very much!
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Travel information

You can leave your car in the city and walk there. It's just about 5 minutes. Some people leave their cars in front of the wood, but there are residents using these parking places so I think the friendliest way would be to leave that car a little bit apart. I marked the parking place I used on the map.
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Just a few people

Sunrise during spring

08:27 16:28
51°2'23.5943" N 6°15'51.6701" E

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Spot comments (5)

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Anirban Chakraborty
Anirban Chakraborty 09.05.2018
Hi, very nice post indeed.. I was just wondering if tomorrow (though it's cloudy tomorrow) will be a good day to go to Hückelhoven?? Any insights on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 09.05.2018
Hey Anirban, in general I would prefer sunny days because you get some really nice structure and depth in the woods. I tried that myself in Hallerbos and it made a huge difference. The other timing that might be nice is a foggy morning of course. I am not sure about the blooming season this year because I didn't plan a trip to one of these woods yet. Wish you good luck with everything though and I am already curious about your photos!
Anirban Chakraborty
Anirban Chakraborty 09.05.2018
Thanks for the nice idea Manuel. Actually, I am staying in Bochum, so a bit far from Hückelhoven. It will be tough for me to reach there at dawn hours or early morning hours. Though, will try to grab some rain drops over the dark woods (hopefully they will get dark if rain falls on them). Will surely post some photos :) I just hope I see some purple flowers (otherwise my girlfriend will kill me :P) ...thanks again :)
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 09.05.2018
Haha wish you good luck then and if it helps just tell your girlfriend that it was my fault ;-) Maybe check the current photos from Hallerbos via Instagram or their website... Hallerbos (Belgium) isn't so far away and much better documented than this forest because it's much bigger and much better protected and well-kept. So you at least know the status about the blooming period.
Anirban Chakraborty
Anirban Chakraborty 09.05.2018
Hahahaa... That's why I have clubbed and planned to go to Burg Nideggen after Hückelhoven (ofcorse if time allows). Fingers crossed. And surely, I will check this place. Thanks for sharing it with me :)

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