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Externsteine Germany

These are the "Externsteine" (Externstones) in Germany. A very famous spot in northern Germany.
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Travel information

Drive to Externsteiner Straße, 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg. There is a big Parking place. From here you have to walk about 10 minutes to reach the Externstones.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

A decent amount of people

Sunset during summer

07:46 16:31
51°52'11.7065" N 8°54'59.5784" E

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Spot comments (4)

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Antonio Trinidad
Antonio Trinidad 17.01.2019
Simplemente espectacular
Rodrigo Feistauer
Rodrigo Feistauer 08.03.2017
Beautiful place!
Kevin Keil
Kevin Keil 11.01.2016
Tolles Foto!
Reemt Peters-Hein
Reemt Peters-Hein 11.01.2016
vielen dank :)

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