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The hidden Neuschwanstein spot Germany

The subject, Neuschwanstein castle, is very famous and most of the photo’s are taken from the marienbrücke.
My photo is taken from a spot, very near the marienbrücke, but give a little different angle. Also with sunrise, you better see the sun come over the mountains then from te marienbrücke.

The spot is illegale, but is not realy a problem when you come very early to catch sunrise.
About 20 meters before reaching the bridge, you see on your left a fence with a sign “forbidden”.
When you go over this little fence and climb for 50 meters, you will reach te spot...


On the photos below you see on the right the bridge and on the left the fence with the sign
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Travel information

Normally you park down in the village, but when you arrive before sunrise you can ride upstairs just before the castle and park at the schlossrestaurant
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

Lots of people


07:58 16:26
47°33'19.5256" N 10°44'56.0118" E

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Spot comments (5)

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Jakob Kühne
Jakob Kühne 22.08.2018 , edited
Sounds good and I'm in the area this weekend, maybe I'll find the time and try it out. Thank you. And generally totally beautiful picture in the sunrise.
Dennis Donders
Dennis Donders 22.08.2018
Thanks. The spot is very famous and maybe not so original, but be there on time will reward you
Jakob Kühne
Jakob Kühne 23.08.2018
I will be on my way to south croatia/montenegro, so I really don't know when I will be next to Neuschwanstein. But I will try to drive friday night to the Königssee as first part and so it should be possible to be at Neuschwanstein in the early morning :).
Jimmy Kohar
Jimmy Kohar 22.09.2019
I was on the Marienbrücke just a few weeks ago (first week of September 2019), and looking at the behind the scene picture, it looks like a new more secure fence is already in place. I did't even try or want to try to climb over it.
Jakob Kühne
Jakob Kühne 22.09.2019
Oh, I forgot to answer, but yes, also my experience is like Jimmys answer ...

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