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Germany young Anubis baboon

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This picture shows a very young Anubis baboon.
Anubis baboons have a grey-green to olive-green coat, the males have a mane on the shoulders and on the front part of the back. The elongated muzzle is hairless and black in colour, also hairless and dark coloured is the buttocks. These animals reach a head torso length of 48 to 76 centimetres, the tail is 38 to 58 centimetres long. The first part of the tail stands upwards, while the rear part is bent downwards. As with all baboons, there is a clear sex dimorphism with regard to size. Males, at up to 25 kilograms, become significantly heavier than females, which weigh only about 15 kilograms. The males' canines are also significantly larger. Anubis baboons have the largest distribution area of all baboon species. It extends over large parts of central Africa and reaches from Mali to Ethiopia and south to Tanzania. Like all baboons, they are primarily savannah-dwellers, but are not choosy about their habitat and are also found in forests and other habitats.

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Travel Information

The parking lot is located in direct proximity to the zoo.
Crowd Factor Nearly no other people
Best Timing Daytime during summer
Sunrise & Sunset 06:37 - 20:26 | current local time: 13:28
Photo Themes Zoofotografie
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