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Auerbach Castle Germany

Auerbach Castle is one of the most famous castles on the Bergstrasse. The unique view of the Rhine plain and the Odenwald forest is particularly fascinating.
Once the largest and most important castle on the Bergstrasse, Auerbach Castle still has a special dignity. Schloss Auerbach towers high above the western slope of the Odenwald. The panorama from the two towers is breathtaking: you look over the Bergstrasse, the Vorderen Odenwald and the entire Rhine plain. Built around 1225, the stronghold was intended to secure the southern possessions of the counts of Katzenelnbogen. In the 17th century the castle could no longer defend itself against its enemies and was finally stormed. Since it succeeded in stopping its further decay, you can now experience one of the best preserved ruins on the Bergstrasse.
For over 300 years, a botanical speciality has also been rooted at lofty heights: a small pine tree defies wind and weather and digs its gnarled roots into the barren castle wall. It is hard to imagine what this tree has "seen", and the castle tavern offers opportunities for a break and family celebrations. In addition, interesting events take place at Auerbach Castle throughout the year.

The castle ruins of Schloss Auerbach stand east of the Upper Rhine Plain on the Auerberg (345.9 m above sea level), which belongs to the western edge mountains of the Odenwald. It is located east of Auerbach, a northern district of Bensheim. To the north, Melibokus (517.4 m) is the highest mountain on the Hessische Bergstrasse.
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