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Frankfurt am Main - Skyline View from Main Plaza Germany

The Skyline from Frankfurt is one of the best spots in Germany. The lights and the reflections on Water are beautifull.. This Spot is Taken fron the rooftop of Main Plaza ( Lindner Congress Hotel )
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Travel information

Parking is in Frankfurt expensive an problematic. Best way is walking . The spots are on the same way.
To the other Place you can take the Metro..
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A decent amount of people

Sunrise & blue hour/nighttime

07:48 16:33
50°6'30.5541" N 8°41'40.317" E

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Spot comments (5)

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Arthography 02.02.2016
picture seems to be from the hotel that is in Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz, not from the bridge.
Selman Dogan
Selman Dogan 02.02.2016
Yes, this Picture is taken from the Main Plaza. You must paid 30 Euro for 30 min...
Arthography 02.02.2016
oh thanks, I thought you had a relationship there ;), I'll check that - though the other direction is more interesting to me.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 03.02.2016
I stayed one night in the hotel itself, so this is also a good way to have the same view if you want to stay in Frankfurt anyway. You just have to ask for the right rooms and the best about it is that you can shoot sunrise and sunset from your cozy apartment. ;-)
Gregory Lebreton
Gregory Lebreton 04.02.2016
what a great location buddy, thx for the tips

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