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Church St. Sebastian, Ramsau, Berchtesgaden Germany

This is definitely one of the most well known spots for Berchtesgaden and therefore already something that can be named a tourist attraction. There is even a webcam at this perspective and especially Chinese visitors seem to like this place a lot - for a good reason though.

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Travel information

Usually you can leave your car on the other side of the river. There are quite a lot of parking opportunities along the road, you just need to cross the river by one of the bridges.

There is a nice bakery by the way on the left side at a very narrow part of the road through Ramsau, when you drive towards Hintersee.

A decent amount of people

Daytime & sunset

07:03 17:40
47°36'26.5974" N 12°53'49.6432" E

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Comments (4)

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R4HAND 02.04.2017
I disagree. While an exact location would be nice, due to the mapping feature of the this site, I was able to locate St. Sebastian quickly and easily using Google maps and found it located 15 minutes to the west of Berchtesgaden. As someone who lives in the US, I would not have known of this location without using a site like this and now have it saved as a place to hit when I am in Salzburg next month.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker yesterday
I could also find it very easily without any further details, but it's often great to get at least some information, especially to be able to get a better feeling how early you need to be here etc.
Peter Luxem
Peter Luxem 26.02.2016
Nice picture, but no information found how to get there, parking, time of year, time of day to go. For me that's the purpose of this site, pictures I can find everywhere...
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker yesterday
Yeah, fully agree on this Peter... although I am answering 2 years later, sorry for that. I've been to this place a few weeks ago, so I added all the missing details. We are already working on a feature to improve the spot details in the future, so that things like that will get rarer soon. Besides that I hope you are doing well, because we didn't talk since a while. All the best, Manuel

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