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Geroldsee Germany

In Upper Bavaria there are many beautiful lakes and one of them is the "Geroldsee". In the morning you have a good chance of such a fog.
In the evening, it should be quite nice if the sun illuminates the mountains.
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Travel information

You can park your car close to the lake, in the hamlet called "Gerold". From there you have to walk just a few minutes to the place where I have made this photo.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

Just a few people


07:48 16:24
47°29'44.384" N 11°13'0.0059" E

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Spot comments (8)

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Astrid Hall
Astrid Hall 30.07.2018
Claire Hertig
Claire Hertig 11.05.2018
Lovely photo! Will be staying in Zurich in a couple weeks-what is the best way I can get here? Also when is the best time of morning to get here? (As in hour before sunrise-exactly at sunrise etc)I know mountains make it a bit different then if you had a flat horizon. Thank you!
José Luis Castaño Azuela
José Luis Castaño Azuela 23.10.2017
Oliver Henze
Oliver Henze 12.07.2017
Immer wieder genial! Aber man sollte bedenken, dass die Wiesen privat sind und das alles nur geduldet wird. Also benehmt euch immer entsprechend. ;)
Pustefix2109 07.06.2017
Robert Dettman
Robert Dettman 05.06.2017
Perfect in every respect Marc.
Marc Sharp
Marc Sharp 09.01.2017
Oh what a wonderful spot! :)
Mirco Gugg
Mirco Gugg 04.06.2017
Oh yeah!

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