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Hubertusviadukt near Boppard Germany

View over the Hubertusviadukt near Boppard.
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Travel information

ok... let's start. parking is possible at the L207, but there is no real parking lot. so you have to park your car at the street. the point wich is marked in the map is one of the possible places (near the little bridge). from here you can walk along the "Mühltahlbach' on a little path into the forest. After a few hundret meters you will reach a little crossing in the forest. Here you can walk to the left, there is a little wooden bridge. If you follow this way, you will find several little signs at the trees. One of the (i think it was the green one) is marked as "Hunsrückbahn". Follow this one. But take care about the direction. After 20-30 mins you will reach the main way. Here you can walk left or right. Right is the right way. If you go further, you will pass another viewpoint of the Hunsrückbahn, above a little tunnel. Just go along the way, after a few minutes you will reach this point. The whole way from the marked parking lot is about 45 minutes by feet (one way time!)
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50°13'57.51" N 7°33'8.748" E

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Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 19.10.2016
Oh damn it, this is near Koblenz and I didn't even know about this place. Looks pretty awesome during autumn now!
Reemt Peters-Hein
Reemt Peters-Hein 19.10.2016
yeah, i felt the same way. we drove through the village and saw a sign with the viaduct. Than came what had to come. :D

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