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nature park Duisburg Nord Germany

Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord is a landscape park around an abandoned metallurgical plant at Duisburg-Meiderich. It was opened during the international constructional exhibition of “Emscher Park”. The Landschaftspark is one of the main attractions of the European Route of Industrial culture at Ruhr area. In 1994 the park was opened to the public.
Besides the impressing rests of the metallurgical plant (Hochofen) a very species-rich flora and fauna has developed at the nutrient-poor fallow lands and is re-conquering the man-made spaces. This specific flora and fauna developing at former industrial spaces is called „Industrienatur” (industrial nature) and is especially nursed and protected by the “Biologische Station Westliches Ruhrgebiet e.V.).
Part of the area is a „Gasometer“ (former gas tank) filled with 20,000 m³ of water, used as a training center for divers. The German “Alpenverein” installed an alpine crag at a part of the ore bunkers.
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www.landschaftspark.de, coordinates: 51° 28′ 49″ N, 6° 46′ 48″ E,
Emscherstraße 71, 47137 Duisburg)
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51°28'52.8533" N 6°47'2.3973" E

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