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Meteora Greece

One of the most photogenic places in Greece. My photos of this site are from a walk that started from the very top of the road from the last monastery, St. Stephen's Monastery and walking back to to the village of Kastraki. The marked spot here is from a scenic stop where you can see the Meteora valley.
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Travel information

You can get there from Athens by train to Kalambaka. Get a taxi to the last monasterie (Monastery of St. Stephen) and walk back down to the village.
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39°43'30.7329" N 21°37'55.1394" E

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Spot comments (8)

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Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 06.08.2019
So nice photos from this iconic place, but could we please somehow try to "cleanup" this spot and create different spots for the different photos that were not taken from the exact spot? I just recognize it again, that a good friend who is just there isn't able to find the spots because all the images were just pushed into one big spot, which is then not really helpful for planning the trip. And for me it's nearly impossible to guess where the photos were taken since I've not been there... ;-) Thank you very much!! :-)
Ralph Kiesewetter
Ralph Kiesewetter 09.07.2017
Wow, beautiful location and great shots! Thank you for sharing.
Mika Wist
Mika Wist 09.07.2017
Thanks, Ralph! When ever in Greece, I recommend to spare a couple of days for Meteora. A photographic heaven.
Ralph Kiesewetter
Ralph Kiesewetter 09.07.2017
Never heard of it before, but I'll definitely keep that mind after what I've seen from your pictures.
Gunnar Heilmann
Gunnar Heilmann 08.08.2016
Thats a looong time on mz list ! .. thanx for adding it!
Mika Wist
Mika Wist 08.08.2016
You're welcome. Meteora is one of those places where you just walk around with your mouth open. I recommend 2 days minimum to get the most of it.
Gunnar Heilmann
Gunnar Heilmann 08.08.2016
will do that ... !!!
Mika Wist
Mika Wist 09.08.2016
just added a couple of more shots...

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Thank you Mika Wist for creating this photo spot and Stavros Marmaras, Rahul Deo, moshe filberg for improving it with additional photos or content.

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